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Monday, 30 March 2015

Ample Job Opportunities in Wind Energy sector in India

What is the Renewable Energy scenario in the Country?

India has large Renewable Energy (RE) potential in the form of wind, solar, small hydro, bio-mass, etc. The country today has one of the most active Renewable Energy addition programmes in the world and its Renewable Energy achievements have brought in significant changes in the national energy sector. 

Since 2006, the installed wind capacity in India has grown remarkably. As on 31st July 2016, the installed Renewable Energy generation capacity in the country was 44.8 GW comprising of 27.44 GW of wind power and 8.06 GW of Solar. India has the 5th largest generation portfolio in the world. Percentage share of  RE is 14.7% of the total installed capacity.

Large scale generation capacity addition, nearly 30 GW, by Renewable Energy is envisaged in the 12th Five Year Plan of the country.  Similarly it is proposed to add 40 to 55 GW of Renewable Energy in the 13th Five Year Plan.

What are the employment opportunities in the Wind Energy sector in the Country?

The economic and social benefits of employment generated by the wind energy sector remain unknown to our young individuals, particularly the engineers. To capture the existing and future scenario of employment in wind energy sector in India, organizations like NRDC and CEEW have carried out a survey of various companies in the field of wind energy. 

Interactions with the company representative reveal that maximum employment opportunities exist in the construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance phase.  Employment opportunities increase as the project capacity increases. Manufacturing of wind mill/turbine component also enable skilled workers to be engaged as engineers, managers, executives and technicians. 

Growth in wind energy sector presents a significant and pleasant opportunity for sizable deployment of civil and electrical engineers in India.

Which are the Companies active in wind sector in India?

There are several wind turbine manufacturers, who in technical collaboration with foreign manufacturers, are having their manufacturing unit here in India and are providing turnkey solutions in this sector and thus already providing good job opportunities for our young as well as experienced individuals. The various wind turbine manufacturers are:

Sr. No
Name of the manufacturer
Collaboration/Technical assistance
Enercon India Ltd., Mumbai
Enercon, Germany
Elecon Engineering, Gujarat
Turbowind, Belgium
Global Wind power Ltd, Mumbai
Norwin, Denmark
Leitner Shriram manufacturing, Chennai
Leitwind BV, Netherland
India Wind power Ltd. , Ahmedabad
Kenersys India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Kenersys, Germany
Pioneer Wincon Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Regen Powertech Pvt.Ltd, Chennai
Vensys Energy, AG
RRB Energy, Chennai
Vestas Wind System, Denmark
Siva Wind turbine India Pvt.Ltd, Erode
Wind Technick Nord, Germany
Suzlon Energy Ltd., Pune
Suzlon Energy, GmBH
Winwind Power Energy Pvt.Ltd, Chennai
Winwind, Finland
Inox Wind Ltd., Noida
AMSC Windtec GmBH Austria
GE India Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
Gamesa Wind Turbine Pvt.Ltd., Chennai
Gamesa Innovation, Spain
Essar Wind Power Pvt. Ltd., Munbai
REpower, Germany

What are the Recruitment and Selection procedures?

Vacancies and opportunities in this sector can be known by going through the website of these companies. For example, Enercon is the market leader in wind energy in Germany. It offers a wide range of challenging career opportunities in R&D, production, administration, project management, sales, maintenance and service etc. They offer job to ambitious fresher as well as experienced applicants. 

To streamline the recruitment and selection procedures the company uses electronic management system i.e. E-recruiting. Various positions available can be accessed through this system. To facilitate the applicant in on-line form submission and tracking, help is also available. Apart from the online procedure one can also approach through their known references to have a decent breakthrough.